Studio Printmakers' Collective


Joining the Collective

We welcome as members, printmakers who have some experience in the printmaking process and are able to work on their own.   The whole studio is run on a voluntary basis and as we do not employ office support staff or technical staff, those using the studio need to be  familiar with working in a print studio without assistance. Each year we elect a committee to administer the studio.

Within the membership we have spaces for twelve key-holder members. You may choose to join as a member or as a key-holder member.  Contact Us  if you would like to know more.

All members and key-holder members can;
•    Place work in collective shows and exhibitions
•    Place images on this website
•    Take part in our “in house” workshops
•    Organise and teach print related classes in our studio
•    Use the printmaking books and magazines in the Studio
•    Use the studio to meet and talk with visiting printmakers and artists

Pay an Annual Subscription and can book to use the studio at any time at a reduced daily rate. Sole use cannot be guaranteed but there is not usually a problem

Key-holder members 

Pay a monthly fee which gives them access 24/7, 365 days of the year.
As well as open access to the Studio at any time (apart from times when studio is being used for workshops or print related activities), keyholders have the use of large drawer space to store their paper and shelf space to stack inks etc.

Experienced printmakers, who are not members, may apply to hire the studio by prior arrangement with the Committee. 

Schedule of Rates

The annual fees for all members are set at the beginning of the year. The subscription year begins on the 1st March. For key-holders the fee is included in the monthly payment.

Member’s Annual Subscription:  $100

Key-holder monthly payment: $67 paid by automatic payment on the 1st of the month 

Daily studio hire rate for Members: $20

Daily hire rate for Casual users: $50